Our solutions for the design of electrical motors

We provide prompt, flexible high-quality solutions to meet the theoretical and practical demands of modern electrical engineering and its associated technologies for drive systems. Our portfolio includes all current motor types.

The main focus of our designs is to adjust and optimize the operating performance under consideration of the latest R + D trends.

Our range of services includes:

R + D work, electrical calculations, strength analysis by means of FEM, mechanical design, testing, production consulting, managing of prototype building.


We design motors in an output range between 1W and 20MW. The planned or realized volume as well as the production technology used play a major part. We combine cost efficiency with precise design work. All development stages are carried out in close cooperation with our clients to achieve the best results.

Although the first electrical motor was built more than 190 years ago, the development of electric motors and generators will always be ongoing. In the past, the main focus was on minimum material input whereas today the emphasis is on the design of highly efficient drives.

Apart from changing requirements there are new applications for instance in the wind energy or the automotive sector resulting in an increasing importance of different motors types.

This represents a continuing challenge to our design work and the theoretical refinement and translation into our in-house developed calculation programmes.

Increasing requirements and challenges make the use of finite element programmes essential. The influence of the converter on the electric motor can also be simulated by FEM.

Increasing importance is attached to strength calculations by means of the finite element analysis (FEM) which we make for motors and generators of our clients by using systematically the FKM guideline.

Plastic and elastic FEM simulations are carried out to design the optimal motor. Weak points of the mechanical design can such be analyzed and improved. Evidence of the endurance strength ensures that there will be no fatigue effects before the end of the product life. 

The mechanical design represents an additional element of our customer service. Our focus is on sophisticated special designs, motor ranges and functional models.

Interaction with our electrical calculations ensures optimal solutions regarding for example critical speeds, cooling or strength of rotors with embedded magnets or rotors for asynchronous motors.

As in almost all areas of technology, development work has to be validated by extensive testing.

This is done in our testing laboratory. It is equipped with all essential measuring instruments including high-quality power analyser and resistance testing instruments. Special test systems to analyse vibration and noise are available.

Our laboratory equipment is further enhanced by testing methods to assess the casting quality of cage rotors. The Epstein frame allows us to analyse electrical steel.

The motors are measured on 7 test benches. High-precision measuring devices determine the efficiency with the greatest possible accuracy according to the IEC 60034-2-1 standard (required for motors as per the 2019/1781 provision of the EU committee).



In addition to the design of electrical motors we can support our clients on the field of production planning and manufacturing.

Thanks to our experience over many years we are in contact with component suppliers and machine producers.

With our network of companies specialized in prototype building we can support our customers upon request. We are well prepared to organize the complete prototyping process or establish contacts. Just like the customer wants.